Vivovet from Wrocław has joined the LuxVet Group


The agreement between the entities was signed in May. Work is currently underway to integrate the clinic into the Group’s structures, with a particular focus on communication with the existing Vivovet team. Upcoming plans also include the creation of a modern reception area, hiring a person responsible for administration, and building a website. The pace of the implementation work is adapted to the dynamics of the facility.

Vivovet veterinary clinic is located at ul. Św. Rity 38 in Wrocław-Iwiny. It provides a wide range of services in the treatment, prevention and care of small animals. Modern diagnostic equipment, its own laboratory and, above all, a team of specialists have made Vivovet a nationally renowned centre for the diagnosis of difficult veterinary cases.

Vivovet is a relatively new practice on the Wrocław market. We hope that our presence in the LuxVet Group will help us spread our wings - also thanks to the administrative and marketing support that the Group offers. We have been involved in all integration processes from the beginning and I am pleased that they are taking place in an atmosphere of dialogue and at a pace that suits our needs and operational capabilities, - says veterinarian Szymon Rusin, founder of Vivovet.

The first visible effect of joining the LuxVet Group will be improved customer service. A modern reception desk will be created in the registration space. The Vivovet team will expand by the addition of an administrative employee, who will relieve the doctors of routine tasks of dealing with customers, orders or the circulation of documents. LuxVet will also take care of marketing (eg by creating a website or supporting social media activities), completely take over accounting and administrative tasks, and provide comprehensive support in the area of IT, purchasing or current operational topics. However, employees will be a priority.

We, as well as the existing owner, are very keen to ensure that the Vivovet team is as comfortable as possible - both in the transition phase and in the subsequent operation. We make sure that the employees have a clear vision from the start of what will happen in connection with our integration, and how these changes will affect them. And they will be positively affected. Relief in administrative matters is one thing, but we will also take care of training, offer career paths and provide additional employee benefits, such as private medical care, for example, - says Marcin Halicki, CEO of LuxVet Group.

Like all outpatient clinics joining the Luxvet Group, Vivovet will retain its existing name and logo. The Group will also not interfere with the medical procedures used at the clinic.


LuxVet Group’s activities include the creation of its own hospitals and clinics and the integration of veterinary entities already on the market, with respect for their existing achievements. By working together with doctors and owners of leading animal treatment facilities, the Group creates a new quality of veterinary services and raises the standards of work in the industry.

LuxVet24 sp. o.o. is a Polish company, backed by capital from two investment funds: Oaktree Capital Management and Cornerstone Investment Management. The CEO is Marcin Halicki, an expert in private equity investment management and co-founder of the Lux Med network.