PerfectVet in the LuxVet Group


Lublin Veterinary Training Centre PerfectVet – a nationally renowned company offering specialist training for veterinary surgeons and technicians – has joined the LuxVet Group. The cooperation will result in further development of PerfectVet and even better access to knowledge for the staff of the Group’s facilities.   

Lublin Veterinary Training Centre PerfectVet offers specialist training courses in veterinary medicine, aimed at the practical aspects of the veterinary profession, as well as workshops for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. With the cooperation with national and international authorities, training courses are characterised by a high level of content and are very popular among clients.

LuxVet Group will work closely with the founders of PerfectVet. Supervision of the training programme and the company’s day-to-day operations will continue to be exercised by prof. dr hab. Łukasz Adaszek in cooperation with dr n. wet. Marcin Garbal. LuxVet will support the development of the training programme offer and the recruitment of new experts for cooperation. In addition, PerfectVet’s offer will be expanded to include intimate, highly specialised workshops where participants will be able to take part in surgical procedures. There are also plans to implement solutions to automate the training enrolment process and post-sales customer service, as well as to create an online workshop module.

-Joining forces with LuxVet Group will allow us to respond even better to the challenges posed by the market. Polish veterinary surgeons are very ambitious, they want to constantly expand their knowledge at good training courses, but they also want to work in places where - thanks to, among other things, access to modern equipment - they will be able to use this knowledge. In this context, PerfectVet and the LuxVet Group complement each other perfectly. - says prof. dr hab. Łukasz Adaszek, one of the founders of PerfectVet.

LuxVet Group is a Polish platform integrating veterinary clinics and surgeries. The group supports their further development and helps expand their offers with new specialisations – by financing the purchase of equipment or adapting premises for new surgeries. These activities are accompanied by investment in vocational training for the staff of the attached facilities. Teams gain additional competencies and can develop in new areas of veterinary medicine – within their existing workplace.

- Investing in people, their professional development and improving their wellbeing is one of the fundamental tenets of our business. Without committed teams, we will not be able to innovate or raise standards in an individual practice, let alone the industry as a whole. With the best veterinary training company in the Group, I am confident that our offering in this respect will be unrivalled. We have many ideas on how to improve and expand it, but thanks to the work of Professor Łukasz Adaszek and Dr Marcin Garbal, we already have a lot to offer. Not only to our employees, but also to all veterinarians who want to deepen their knowledge. - says Piotr Zajączkowski, CEO of LuxVet Group.


LuxVet Group connects and develops the Polish veterinary industry in a flexible, partnership business model. In cooperation with doctors and owners of leading animal treatment facilities, we create a new quality of services and raise the standards of work in the veterinary sector.

As part of our activities:

  • We open our own veterinary facilities – including the largest animal hospitals in Poland. We are creating them based on the knowledge of Polish medical authorities and the best Western European models. In the coming years, we will build 5 modern hospitals that will cooperate with the Group’s other facilities across the country.
  • We integrate existing veterinary entities – from one-person practices to specialised clinics. We integrate them into our platform, offering their owners capital support and modern solutions: organisational, technological, equipment and training.
  • We support their further development – with respect for past achievements. The facilities that join us retain their own brand and local identity. We do not interfere in medical decisions or impose procedures. We listen and exchange knowledge, relieving the owners of management and administrative activities to the extent that suits them.
  • We raise working standards in the veterinary sector – increasing staff satisfaction. We propose solutions for better work organisation and provide access to specialised training and tools for the professional development of our facilities’ staff.

LuxVet24 sp. o.o. is a Polish company, backed by capital from two investment funds:

  • Oaktree Capital Management – one of the largest investment funds in the world, with a capital of €153 billion. The fund co-owns, among others, its sister platform UnaVets, which has successfully integrated 75 veterinary units in Spain and Portugal in 2 years.
  • Cornerstone Investment Management – a leading private equity investment management firm in Central and Eastern Europe, managing €7 billion in capital. It first invested in the medical industry in 2002, becoming involved in the development of the Lux Med group.