Gdynia Veterinary Hospital in LuxVet Group


The LuxVet Group has expanded by another facility. By virtue of the agreement signed, the Gdynia Veterinary Hospital of Dr Tomasz Brzeski, a veterinary surgeon, has joined it. In accordance with the Group’s operating philosophy, both the integration process and the further functioning of the clinic will take place in full cooperation with the existing owner and staff of GSWet. The Group will also invest in the development of the facility by launching, among other things, rehabilitation services and arranging reception space.

Gdynia Veterinary Hospital (ul. Kielecka 22, Gdynia) is a well-known facility throughout Pomerania, specialising in the diagnosis and implementation of complex orthopaedic procedures, cardiology, surgery, endoscopy, dermatology and biomedical therapies. GSWet has its own laboratory, modern diagnostic equipment (including a veterinary CT scanner), 2 operating theatres and a 24-hour supervised hospital. The team, led by veterinary surgeon Tomasz Brzeski, bases treatment on a holistic approach to patients, providing multidimensional outpatient and inpatient care.

We want to support our patients at every stage of their health journey - from prevention and diagnosis to recovery. That is why we are particularly keen to develop rehabilitation services to complement our offer and ensure that patients - especially orthopaedic patients - receive comprehensive assistance from us. With the support of LuxVet Group, such a development will be possible, - says Tomasz Brzeski, veterinarian, founder and manager of the Gdynia Veterinary Hospital, President of the Kashubian-Pomeranian Veterinary Chamber and member of the National Veterinary Medical Council.

LuxVet Group will invest in the creation of a rehabilitation clinic, which it will equip with, among other things, a water treadmill. As part of the Group’s in-house knowledge exchange programme, GSWet’s zoophysiotherapists will receive training at Warsaw’s Psychodni, which specialises in animal rehabilitation using this type of equipment.

Upcoming plans also include refreshing the interior of the facility, creating a new reception area and upgrading the IT infrastructure. GSWet will gain support in administration, accounting, purchasing, IT support and marketing, while employees will be covered by private medical care and a training system. LuxVet will not interfere with medical procedures.

Dr Tomasz Brzeski has contributed to Polish veterinary medicine for more than 30 years and is an unquestioned authority and leader in the region. We have great respect for his achievements, as well as those of the entire team at the Gdynia Veterinary Hospital. We are also united by the desire to develop and promote the industry, so I am all the more pleased that GSWet is becoming part of our Group, - says Marcin Halicki, President of LuxVet Group.


LuxVet Group’s activities include the creation of its own hospitals and clinics and the integration of veterinary entities already on the market, with respect for their existing achievements. By working together with doctors and owners of leading animal treatment facilities, the Group creates a new quality of veterinary services and raises the standards of work in the industry.

LuxVet24 sp. o.o. is a Polish company, backed by capital from two investment funds: Oaktree Capital Management and Cornerstone Investment Management. The CEO is Marcin Halicki, an expert in private equity investment management and co-founder of the Lux Med network.