Zwierzyniec Veterinary Center in the LuxVet Group


LuxVet Group welcomes in its ranks another veterinary facility – Zwierzyniec Veterinary Center in Lębork.

The Zwierzyniec Veterinary Center is situated in Lębork at Okrzei 7/1. The clinic founded by Veterinarian Natalia Jurkiewicz is “a place where every patient will receive specialist assistance”. The team at Zwierzyniec comprises 4 specialists who offer preventive care, diagnostics, internal medicine and surgery services. Additionally, the facility collaborators with doctors who specialize in cardiology, ultrasound and ophthalmology.

The facility has three doctor’s offices, an x-ray room, a surgery room and a laboratory. It is equipped, among others, with an ultrasound machine, direct and dental x-ray machines, a CO2 laser and a dental treatment unit.

- Joining the LuxVet Group presents new opportunities for growth and skill development, which will enable us to serve our patients even better. We want to share knowledge actively with other Group members and build new standards of veterinary care together. - veterinarian Natalia Jurkiewicz, founder of the clinic, says.

The LuxVet Group will also provide support for administration, accounting, operations, procurement, IT, and marketing. The team will be included in the training system and will be eligible to benefits, including private medical care.


About the LuxVet Group

The Group has been consolidating and developing the veterinary sector in Central and Eastern Europe through a flexible partnership business model based on respect for the past achievements of the entities being integrated. By working with doctors and owners of leading animal health institutions and building its first hospital for small animals in Poland, the LuxVet Group develops top quality veterinarian services and raises the standards of work in the veterinary sector.

The Group has secured capital support from three investment funds: funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management L.P. as (the majority shareholder, which is also a shareholder in UNAVETS Group, a veterinary platform similar to LuxVet and a market leader in the Iberian Peninsula), Cornerstone Investment Management and INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund.