VET-MED veterinary clinic in the LuxVet Group


The LuxVet Group is strengthening its position in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region. Veterinary practice VET-MED has signed an agreement to join the Group.

Founded by doctor Dawid Pękala, the VET-MED clinic is located at ul. Suleckiego 2H in Toruń. The experienced and close-knit team of 4 veterinarians, 4 technicians and 1 administrative employee have been saving the lives and health of animals for over 15 years, which they say is their “mission and gives them immense satisfaction”. The facility offers a wide range of specialist services in orthopedics, surgery, ophthalmology, neurology with neurosurgery, oncology and radiodiagnostics. It also has state-of-the-art equipment, including a CT scanner.

Our doctors have learned from veterinary specialists in Poland, the United States, Sweden, Italy and Denmark. We believe that the cooperation of numerous veterinary institutions, the sharing of knowledge and experience, and the exchange of ideas with international partners will help accelerate the development of our industry in Poland. My team and I are joining the LuxVet Group to actively participate in these processes. - said doctor Dawid Pękala, the clinic’s founder.

Additionally, integration with the LuxVet Group will provide VET-MED with support in the administration, finance and accounting, IT, procurement and marketing areas. Employees will take advantage of training on the LuxVet platform and a package of employee benefits.


About the LuxVet Group

The Group has been consolidating and developing the veterinary sector in Central and Eastern Europe through a flexible partnership business model based on respect for the past achievements of the entities being integrated. By working with doctors and owners of leading animal health institutions and building its first hospital for small animals in Poland, the LuxVet Group develops top quality veterinarian services and raises the standards of work in the veterinary sector.

The Group has secured capital support from three investment funds: funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management L.P. as (the majority shareholder, which is also a shareholder in UNAVETS Group, a veterinary platform similar to LuxVet and a market leader in the Iberian Peninsula), Cornerstone Investment Management and INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund.