Psychodnia will double in size – thanks to Luxvet Group


Psychodnia officially joined the LuxVet Group in March this year. The integration of the facility has just entered its final phase. Its expansion is just beginning. All activities are taking place in close cooperation with the previous owner and current manager of Psychodnia, veterinarian Marta Labuda.

Located in Warsaw’s Bielany district, Psychodnia is a modern centre for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of animals. From its inception, its founder has focused on pioneering solutions in veterinary medicine. Psychodnia was the first in Warsaw and the third in Poland to use a water treadmill for animal rehabilitation, and has recently been developing minimally invasive surgery, including laparoscopy, arthroscopy and thoracoscopy procedures.

I keep a close eye on those innovations and trends in the veterinary market that can help in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of our patients and in the management of the clinic. The consolidation processes that have already taken place in Western markets make it possible to see the benefits of these for clinics and patients, and for raising and standardising the quality of services. Clinic owners and doctors receive professional support in the ongoing administration and management of the clinics. I believe that cooperation with LuxVet Group, which focuses on maintaining the character of strong local brands, will accelerate the realisation of my vision for the development of Psychodni, - Marta Labuda says.

Thanks to the ongoing expansion, the area of Psychodni will double in size. Additional surgeries will be created, making it possible to expand the medical offer and serve more patients in a comfortable environment.

In addition, the new part will create a larger and bright reception area, separate waiting areas for dogs and cats, office and social areas and a new shop space. The project was created in collaboration between Marta Labuda and LuxVet Group’s team of architects, and the investment process is being led by Luxvet Group’s Investment Department. The aim is to give a new quality by modernising the interiors and increasing their functionality while retaining the existing character of Psychodni.

The LuxVet Group has also invested in medical equipment, retrofitting the Psychodnia with, among other things, a high-energy laser, a minimally invasive surgery toolkit, a dental unit, a dental indirect radiography kit; and has also equipped a new, larger animal hospital.

The expansion is scheduled for completion in July. In parallel to the design and construction work, the LuxVet Group team is carrying out work in the area of modernising the IT infrastructure, refreshing the website (including the addition of an online appointment booking panel) and integrating the management and purchasing processes, which is expected to significantly ease the administrative burden on the clinic. This will allow the Psychodni team to focus on further development and helping patients.

Psychodnia is the first facility where we can show how our business model works in practice. Many thanks to Dr Marta Labuda and the Psychodnia team for their trust and commitment to working together. Integration is already in the final straight and we will soon be able to see the effects of our joint work, - says Marcin Halicki, CEO of LuxVet Group.

In parallel, the LuxVet Group is finalising agreements for the consolidation of further veterinary facilities, as well as the to start building its own clinic and veterinary clinic.


The LuxVet Group’s activities include the creation of its own hospitals and clinics and the integration of veterinary entities already on the market, with respect for their existing achievements.

By working with doctors and owners of leading animal treatment facilities, the Group is creating a new quality of veterinary services and raising the industry’s working standards.

LuxVet24 sp. o.o. is a Polish company, backed by capital from two investment funds: Oaktree Capital Management and Cornerstone Investment Management. The CEO is Marcin Halicki, co-founder of the Lux Med network.