LuxVet Group has the first clinic in the Małopolskie voivodship


The Optimum Veterinary Center joined the LuxVet Group.

In March, the Optimum Veterinary Center located at ul. Całkowa 9 in Nowy Sącz joined the LuxVet Group. The facility was established in 2009 by Paweł Szłapka, DVM. The team of the Optimum Veterinary Center is comprised of 6 veterinary surgeons (including a dog and cat specialist, a veterinary surgery specialist and a furry animal disease specialist), 6 veterinary technicians and 3 receptionists.

The clinic has 3 consultation rooms and an operating room, as well as 2 fully equipped, separate hospitals: the “white” hospital, where animals requiring all-day care are treated, and the “red” infectious hospital, which hosts patients suffering from infectious diseases, such as parvovirus, feline panleukopenia and canine distemper. This separation ensures that transmission of infectious agents is minimized and the highest standards of hygiene and safety are maintained.

Patients of the Optimum Veterinary Center can receive services in internal medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, diagnostic imaging (ultrasound/x-ray), cardiology and dermatology. The clinic also has a laboratory equipped with four state-of-the-art hematology analysers, a urine analyser and two microscopes. As a result, most tests can be performed on site. The facility also has an animal ambulance, which is properly equipped to transport patients safely.

By the power of an agreement with the Chełmiec Township, the Muszyna Town and Spa Township and the Łabowa Township, the OPTIMUM Veterinary Center also provides 24-hour emergency care services for homeless animals and animals involved in road traffic incidents.

-Our mission is to use our knowledge and experience and modern equipment to diagnose and treat the animals entrusted to us to the best of our abilities. We have always treated medicine with great humility and respect, which is why we are constantly developing and educating ourselves. By joining the LuxVet Group and through its strong support, we will be able to perform our duties at our clinic even better. - says Paweł Szłapka, the founder and owner of the facility.

The LuxVet Group will provide support in the area of administration and accounting, operations, procurement, HR and recruitment, IT support and marketing. The team will have access to the Group’s training and knowledge exchange program and will receive private medical care.


About the LuxVet Group

The Group has been consolidating and developing the Polish veterinary sector through a flexible partnership business model based on respect for the past achievements of the entities being integrated. By working with doctors and owners of leading animal health institutions and building its first hospital for small animals in Poland, the LuxVet Group develops top quality veterinarian services and raises the standards of work in the veterinary sector across Poland.

The Group has secured capital support from three investment funds: Oaktree Capital Management as the majority shareholder (which is also a shareholder in UNAVETS Group, a similar veterinary platform in the Iberian Peninsula), Cornerstone Investment Management and INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund.