LuxVet Group has another facility in Gorzów Wielkopolski


LuxVet Group welcomes in its ranks another veterinary facility – KUROSZ Clinic in Gorzów Wielkopolski.

The KUROSZ Clinic is located at ul. Walczaka 54 in Gorzów Wielkopolski. The mission guiding doctor Bartłomiej Kurosz’s team in its work is “To restore animals to health and mitigate their suffering, while supporting pet parents in their love to animals.” Currently the team consists of 8 doctors, 8 assistant, a rehabilitation specialist and 3 people responsible for management, administration and maintenance of the facility.

The KUROSZ Clinic has 5 consultation rooms and 2 operating rooms. Patients are provided with specialist services including, among others, surgery, neurology, intensive care, internal medicine, hematology, oncology, cardiology, orthopedics, urology, dentistry, geriatrics and rehabilitation. The facility has its own laboratory and modern equipment offering, among others, extensive imaging diagnostics (computerized tomography, high field MRI, full ultrasound tests with Doppler tests). The best developed areas include also surgery, neurology, neurosurgery, with a full range of procedures on the spinal cord/spine, head and brain, treatment of hydrocephalus, brain tumors, laser surgery, complex oncologic surgery or surgeries of brachycephalic breeds. As a result, KUROSZ Clinic is recognized as a reference facility, which serves patients that require specialist treatment or diagnostics.

- Together with our team, we created in our facility an extensive system of specializations modeled after solutions offered in human medicine. We will continue to develop it – now in the structures of the LuxVet Group. - says doctor Bartłomiej Kurosz, the founder of the facility.

The LuxVet Group will support further growth of the facility and relieve it from its duties in the area of administration and accounting, operations, procurement, HR and recruitment, IT support and marketing. The team will be included in the training and knowledge exchange system as well as benefits such as private medical care.


About the LuxVet Group

The Group has been consolidating and developing the Polish veterinary sector through a flexible partnership business model based on respect for the past achievements of the entities being integrated. By working with doctors and owners of leading animal health institutions and building its first hospital for small animals in Poland, the LuxVet Group develops top quality veterinarian services and raises the standards of work in the veterinary sector across Poland.

The Group has secured capital support from three investment funds: Oaktree Capital Management as the majority shareholder (which is also a shareholder in UNAVETS Group, a similar veterinary platform in the Iberian Peninsula), Cornerstone Investment Management and INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund.