Lublin VetHouse expands with LuxVet Group


VetHouse Veterinary Clinic has joined the LuxVet Group and is embarking on a new, intensive phase of development. Extensive support and commitment from the new investor will soon result in a new medical offer for patients and further training for employees.  Among other things, the facility will gain new equipment for nephrology, neurology and ophthalmic examinations, as well as support in promoting additional initiatives carried out by the founders.

VetHouse Specjalistyczne Centrum Weterynaryjne (ul. Wróbla 66 lok. 2, Lublin) was founded by dr wet. Agata Jankowska and dr n. wet. Marcin Garbal. The facility provides specialist services in surgery, cardiology, haematology, nephrology, ophthalmology, neurology, oncology, radiology and dentistry. It has a fully equipped operating theatre and high-end imaging, ophthalmology and laboratory diagnostic equipment. Additional initiatives are also being developed at the clinic, such as the Veterinary Blood Bank for animals and genetic diagnostics for tick-borne diseases.

At VetHouse, we have always strived to ensure that our services meet and even exceed the needs of the local market. We focus on specialisation and modern solutions, streamlining our work and making it easier for customers to use our services. By joining the LuxVet Group, we gain the means and tools for further development on the scope of which we have a decisive influence, - says dr wet. Agata Jankowska, co-founder of VetHouse.

The LuxVet Group is funding the development of all clinics joining it, each time consulting the scope of these investments with the team working on site. In the case of VetHouse, the focus will be on further developing nephrology, neurology, ophthalmology and dermatology. The Group will invest in additional equipment and staff, both through training for the existing team and additional recruitment.

In addition, the facility will be relieved of the day-to-day administrative and accounting work and will gain support in purchasing, IT and marketing. The Group will also take care of its employees, offering them, among other things, private medical care and a training system designed to build individual career paths.

A special role will be played by dr n. wet. Marcin Garbal, who will become one of the regional leaders of the LuxVet Group.

My view of the future of veterinary medicine is consistent with the vision of the LuxVet Group's Management Board, which is why this cooperation will go far beyond VetHouse. We want to take an active part in the changes that are currently taking place in the market: in its integration, in improving standards and, above all, in building a network of reference facilities, thanks to which we will be able to help our patients even more effectively. - adds dr n. wet. Marcin Garbal, co-founder and manager of VetHouse.


LuxVet Group’s activities include the creation of its own hospitals and clinics and the integration of veterinary entities already on the market, with respect for their existing achievements. By working together with doctors and owners of leading animal treatment facilities, the Group creates a new quality of veterinary services and raises the standards of work in the industry.

LuxVet24 sp. o.o. is a Polish company, backed by capital from two investment funds: Oaktree Capital Management and Cornerstone Investment Management.