Centrum Zdrowia Małych Zwierząt joins LuxVet Group


Centrum Zdrowia Małych Zwierząt (CZMZ)  in Gorzów Wielkopolski is another veterinary clinic that will grow with the support of the LuxVet Group. To begin with, the clinic will gain a new rehabilitation surgery. There are also plans to create an emergency ward.  

Centrum Zdrowia Małych Zwierząt in Gorzów Wielkopolski (ul. Myśliborska 38) is a modern veterinary clinic specialising in surgery, orthopaedics and cardiology. Its founders: lek. wet. Paweł Stolarek and lek. wet. Artur Domaradzki focus on modern solutions, such as innovative methods of bone assembly and regenerative medicine procedures. The facility also provides services in infectious disease prevention, imaging and laboratory diagnostics, oncology, internal medicine and dentistry. It has modern equipment for X-ray, ultrasound, endoscopy and bronchoscopy, cryotherapy, magnetotherapy, blood analysis and microscopic diagnosis.

- Since the beginning of the existence of our clinic, we have focused on development. We invest in modern equipment, constantly improve the qualifications of our team, and cooperate with other veterinary entities. Joining the LuxVet Group is an opportunity to continue this development, both in terms of the facility and the services it provides, as well as the team working here, - said lek. wet. Artur Domaradzki, one of the founders of CZMZ.

In the first stage, a new rehabilitation office will be created in CZMZ, separated by the Group’s team of architects into the existing area of the clinic. The surgery will be provided with modern equipment, including a water treadmill, enabling, among others, treatment of orthopaedic and neurological conditions, rehabilitation after surgery, support in weight loss or improvement of the living comfort of senior dogs. All adaptation work and the purchase of equipment will be coordinated by LuxVet Group in collaboration with the facility’s team.

There are also plans to create the first emergency ward in Gorzów Wielkopolski, so that patients will receive help on site in emergencies and will no longer have to travel to neighbouring cities.

We agreed the scope of the integration and development work for CZMZ together with the LuxVet Group management. I am pleased, because they fully address our needs. After they are carried out, the level of services and competences available in our clinic will be even higher, and CZMZ has a chance to become a leading facility in the city and even the region. In addition, our employees will gain access to knowledge and new opportunities for development, - added lek. wet. Paweł Stolarek, co-founder of the CZMZ clinic.

As part of the integration into the Group, CZMZ employees will be covered by an internal programme of knowledge exchange (including with partners from the Spanish-Portuguese veterinary network UnaVets) and external training, as well as gaining additional benefits such as private medical care. The practice will also receive comprehensive accounting and administrative support, the opportunity to benefit from lower supplier prices through group purchasing, IT support and marketing advice. This will enable the team to focus on patient care and the further development of the medical offer, which the Group will support.

The processes of integrating the facility into the Group’s structures will be carried out at a pace commensurate with its dynamics.  Centrum Zdrowia Małych Zwierząt will retain its existing name and logo. LuxVet will also not interfere with the medical procedures used at the clinic.


LuxVet Group’s activities include the creation of its own hospitals and clinics and the integration of veterinary entities already on the market, with respect for their existing achievements. By working together with doctors and owners of leading animal treatment facilities, the Group creates a new quality of veterinary services and raises the standards of work in the industry.

LuxVet24 sp. o.o. is a Polish company supported by capital from two investment funds: Oaktree Capital Management and Cornerstone Investment Management.