Bemowo Veterinary Clinic joins the LuxVet Group


One of the largest and best known vet clinics in Warsaw, the Bemowo Veterinary Clinic, is the most recent addition to the LuxVet Group, a leading veterinary healthcare group in Poland.

Bemowo Veterinary Clinic, located at Powstancow Slaskich 101 in Warsaw, was founded over 30 years ago by Pawel Kowalczyk, DVM, a well-known expert in endoscopy, who continues to run the Clinic today.

The practice offers 24/7 veterinary care, and has five consultation and treatment rooms, two operating rooms, a laboratory, diagnostic imaging, and a small pet hospitalization area. It was founded as one of the first private vet practices in Warsaw and has since become a round-the-clock veterinary clinic, providing specialized and emergency care for pets.

The team is comprised of 65 people, including a clinical team of 40 veterinarians and 10 vet nurses, which allows the Bemowo Clinic to offer a broad range of specialized services, including general surgery, orthopedics, soft tissue surgery, emergency care, trauma treatment and endoscopy, as well as cardiology, oncology, neurology, ophthalmology and dentistry. Bemowo also works with academic lecturers and external specialists for diagnostic imaging, exotic animal care treatment, etc.

Based on the agreements signed with the LuxVet Group, Pawel Kowalczyk will continue to oversee the practice and will also become the Group’s Medical Director and play a key role in building the first referral pet hospital the Group is planning to open in Warsaw.

- “Joining the LuxVet Group is our chance to continue to grow, not only as Bemowo Vet Clinic, but as a team. I have been sharing my knowledge with young veterinary doctors for years. Now, with access to capital, ambitious projects, such as the referral hospital, and international cooperation, we will be able to shape the future of veterinary medicine in Poland.” - shares Dr. Pawel Kowalczyk, founder of Bemowo.
- “I am very happy to announce that Bemowo Veterinary Clinic is officially part of the LuxVet Group. We have ambitious plans for both the clinic and the team, headed by Pawel Kowalczyk, and their role in the development of our Group, in particular with regards to the referral hospital that we are planning to open in Warsaw.” - comments Piotr Zajaczkowski, LuxVet’s CEO.

The LuxVet Group will invest in renovating the Clinic, refurbishing the interior and adapting it to the needs of disabled customers to facilitate access for both patients and caregivers. The Group will also support the practice in the area of business administration and accounting, operations, purchasing, HR and recruitment, IT, and marketing. The team will have access to the Group’s training and knowledge exchange program as well as employee benefits, such as private healthcare.


About the LuxVet Group

The LuxVet Group integrates and develops the Polish veterinary industry in a flexible, partnership-based business model, respectful of the clinics growth and development to-date. By cooperating with doctors and owners of leading animal treatment facilities, and by building its first pet hospital in Poland, the LuxVet Group is looking to develop the highest quality veterinary services and improve the industry’s working standards nationwide.

The Group is backed by two investment funds, Cornerstone Investment Management and Oaktree Capital Management (OCM is also the majority shareholder of a sister platform, the UNAVETS Group in Iberia).

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About the UNAVETS Group

The UNAVETS Group occupies a leadership position in the veterinary healthcare market in Iberia (through UNAVETS in Spain and Onevet in Portugal). The Group has successfully integrated over 80 veterinary practices in in 2.5 years. Currently, the Group has over 850 team members, including over 45 professionals in the shared services group, who support the clinical teams and business administration of the group. The company plans to continue with its growth strategy in Iberia and other European countries, while developing new lines of services, innovating with digital commitment internally and with its customers, and promoting training and development scientist within the clinical team. For more information visit: